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Scratch Resistant Senoplast TopX


The demand from the market to offer highly scratch resistant and at the same time high gloss film surfaces, can now be met by Decorative Panels Lamination with the introduction of a new product quality Senoplast TopX. Unlike many other high resistant surfaces, TopX has been developed to maintain the gloss level together with the enormous depth of image effect.

The advantages of Senoplast TopX are the high scratch resistance (scour resistant), no polishing necessary after removal of the protective film, increased UV resistance and a surface with a gloss level and depth effect as good as classic Senoplast surface. The product is ideally suited for horizontal surfaces and any areas that are subjected to heavy use. As part of the dp-specialist surfaces portfolio, DPL offer 13 colours of Classic Senoplast High Gloss and have now introduced into stock 3 colours of TopX – these being white, black and cream. Further introductions will be made throughout the year.

For more information on our available high resistant surfaces contact us byemail: info@decorativepanels.co.uk

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