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More production space just in time


Recently it was decided that Decorative Panels Furniture should target a reduction in floor space dedicated to holding full sheet board stock. The project was a complete success as not only did it allow us to reduce the cash tied up in stock, but also enabled us to hand over an area of floor space to our production team...

As all of DPF’s board material is supplied by sister company Decorative Panels Lamination we looked at ways in which we could increase the inter-company communication. By using our existing production planning information we were able to generate a weekly schedule of the exact order we would be sending full sheet packs to our primary sawing systems. This schedule then became the order and priority that our Lamination team used to schedule deliveries. With confidence, DPL could then deliver each and every pack no earlier than 24 hours before it was needed into our furniture factories. Within days, our board storage areas began to open up, and over time available floor space emerged.

Viewing this space within the board storage area then led to another idea. On the other side of the wall was our production facility. The wall fell. A once fully subscribed shop floor had just claimed new space, space we now call our shaped cell area.

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