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Introducing Hornschuch Perfect Touch


Perfect Touch is a completely new range of 0.35mm Hornschuch supermatt PVC’s that are now available laminated to a range of substrates from stock at Decorative Panels Lamination. We believe Perfect Touch to be, one of the best Matt products available on the market, with low MOQ’s and at a commercially attractive cost.

“Finger marking” has in the past been a common problem with matt finishes – this is not so with Perfect Touch, which, as the name suggests, simply does not leave unsightly marks after being touched.

The collection comprises eight decors which represent the modern, clean tones that are particularly popular today; Graphite, Arctic Grey, Light Grey, Denim Blue, White, Mussel, Cashmere and Fjord.

Perfect Touch sheet materials are supplied with a protective film to help protect the product during the processing stage and are available with PVC matching backs or a more cost effective Polypropylene Stipple foil in White, Cream, Black and Silver.

Minimum quantities direct from Decorative Panels Lamination are 60 sheets (3050mm x 1220mm) or 80 sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) per design. These can be delivered with other product or collected as a stand-alone order. Smaller quantities could be arranged through our Distribution Partners.

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