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A new Perfect Partner - introducing RAUVISIO Noir HPL & Brilliant Matt from REHAU


A matt finish is one of the biggest design trends. It impresses with its subtle elegance. Surfaces like these add a special touch of luxury to any interior. A silky-smooth matt soft surface with extremely scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint technology ensures that it will not be spoilt by irritating marks.

REHAU Noir HPL collection consist of HPL laminates, excellently suited for mechanically highly stressed horizontal and vertical use e.g. worktop in the kitchen or a counter in a shop. Available in 12 colours identified to be the soul and elegance of modern spaces.

REHAU Brilliant Matt collection is available in 8 colours and this collection is perfect and cost-effective alternative for vertical applications and harmonise excellently with our REHAU Noir HPL collection.

All of these are part of the dp-limitless range of specialise, decorative and high-performance products available in a limitless number of possibilities. There is no commitment to purchasing in bulk and the offer is deliverable from as little as just one board.

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