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In the Box


As well as the high production capacity of the new Decorative Panels Components facility a further degree of production specialisation has been introduced with the installation of an automated packing line.

Similar in design to the lines used to pack 5 million boxes at Decorative Panels Furniture this system utilises the latest technology to produce finished boxed items whether they be kitchen or bedroom carcases, shelving packs or indeed fully engineered flat pack furniture.

The line has ten packing stations with a variable speed roller packing bed. Box sealing is performed using a Nordson high precision stitching system which gives excellent strength and uses minimal glue. Product description and barcode printing is done automatically on line. Depending on product mix the line has a capacity of circa 20,000 boxes per week.

A real extension to the capabilities of
dp-components the line, although only recently installed, is already fully operational.

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