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NEW!! How to edge Ocean Drive


The edging of this material may at first inspection appear to be tricky but it is actually straight forward and gives an impressive result.

Any edging material from 0.8mm to 3mm can be used.  Our view is that the best visual results are obtained with 0.8mm edging although thicker edging will allow a larger tolerance when setting the chamfer as described below.

Measure the thickness of the finished board, Ocean Drive material is up to 2mm thick so the width of edging used and the height setting on your edge bander needs to account for this extra thickness.

Select the chamfer cutting section of your trimming blocks, set the trimming block so that they trim back the edging and also cut back into the surface material but go no lower than the lowest valley in the surface material as in the illustration below.  The trimmer can be set lower that the lowest valley but only to trim into the edging – so the thicker the edging the lower the chamfer can go (see the pictures below)  A little trial and error may need to be used to refine the setting and to get the look that you are happy with.

(Please note that the surface scrapper cannot be used on the face with Ocean Drive material.) 

If you would like to discuss the edging of this material or to request samples, please contact us on 01484 658341. 

ocean drive edging

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