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With over 100 woodgrain decors and unicolours as well as High Gloss Acrylics and Laminates, the choice of design from Decorative Panels Lamination is vast. But did you know that you can select and receive A4 samples of any of these designs within 24 hours of your request?

We see this as the first stage in the design process that we are able to very quickly follow up with laminated sheet material on the substrate of your choice enabling you to build your development samples. This is a free service and one that we believe is essential in the fast moving and fashion conscious market we all work in. As well as product sampling from our standard range, we also offer a package of designs that are particularly suited to taking advantage of promotional activity within the market. We have formulated an offer called dp-promo that includes over 30 designs that are available laminated on Chipboard or MDF in full or half load quantities at price levels that support this type of activity. With so many designs available in the dp-promo portfolio coupled with a wide choice of board sizes that ensure efficient conversion the range offers real opportunity. As some designs have limited availability don’t miss out – request your sample swatch today. For more information or to order any samples please contact us by email: info@decorativepanels.co.uk or call us direct on +44 (0)1422 324621.

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