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dp-lite Becomes Even More Available


Decorative Panels Lamination has a dedicated production line for the manufacture of full sheet dp-lite hollowcore material. This "sandwich" board material has a very strong honeycomb core and by the very nature of its construction uses less wood based raw material, offering typical weight savings of 60% when compared to solid substrate materials.

With 5mm MDF outer skinds, standard dp-lite can be used in furniture construction using standard fittings. Facing dp-lite with plywood skins means that the material is suitable for use in the leisure caravan sector as an interior board solution.

To make dp-lite more available to the ever expanding market dp-lamination are now bulk stocking full sheet material in thicknesses 22mm, 35mm and 50mm. These are held in a full pack form in a dedicated racking system and are available for immediate dispatch as raw material. dp-lite is suitable for painting, natural wood veneering or for onward lamination with any of the designs from the dp-decor and dp-specialist range. Avaialble on a typical lead time of 3-5days from reciept of order.

dp-lite is already a recognised material in the furniture and leisure industries but it is also perfectly suited for use by exhibition and shop fitting companies due to its strength and incredible weigth saving characteristics. 

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