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The new Rover A Edge machine has been supplied by Biesse and allows our flat pack furniture division to further focus on the development and production of shaped panels. The Rover combines the agility of heavy duty router with a shaped edge-banding machine. Panels are shaped, then edge-banded in one seamless operation to convert a square piece into a fully finished and intricately shaped panel.

Flexibility has been built into the machine's specification, enabling the ability of edge-banding 0.4mm to 2mm tape onto either external or internally shaped edges.

Utilising Biesse's Electronic Positioning System (EPS), the machine allows for quick changeover from one panel to the next, as all panel supports are automatically located at the touch of a button. This, in conjunction with the Biesse multi-zone system (which maximises the quanitity of panels loaded onto the bed at any one point in time), will allow us to guarantee the best utilisation of the machine. 

We're excited about this installation, as the Rover A Edge will provide even greater design creativity for new flat pack products.

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