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dp-BioCote Quartz results


We are pleased to be able to share with you a further set of astonishing statistics collected from the controlled trial of the benefits of introducing antimicrobial technology into a classroom environment that has far reaching significance to a wide range of market areas.

In the last issue of SURFACE we reported how after an academic year there had been huge reductions in the levels of active bacteria within the treated classroom – the difference being over a 95% reduction compared to an untreated classroom – but what tangible benefits can be gained?

It is clear to most that less contaminated and more hygienic schools are a pleasant concept, but how can dp-BioCote Quartz protected products really benefit the environment or the people that occupy them – in this instance could it mean a reduction in absenteeism? This would be good news for everyone including staff, parents, and to go even further, perhaps the economy?

With regards to absenteeism, we are pleased to report that we found astonishingly positive results. When absenteeism figures for the two environments are compared, the number of children reported absent due to illness in the dp-BioCote Quartz protected classroom was significantly less, in fact some 20% less. We are still collecting data and the numbers of children absent from the school are continuing to be monitored to give a further understanding of the correlation between the use of dp-BioCote Quartz protected products, less bacterial contamination and a reduction of absenteeism.

School absenteeism can have a huge negative effect on the economy, for instance, parents having to take time off work to look after sick children impact many businesses (statistics show that absence from work costs the UK economy £100 billion a year) and the increased use of supply teachers to replace absent staff not only costs our schools dearly but also reportedly hinders children’s learning.

The use of antimicrobial products, such as dp-BioCote Quartz, could transform learning environments and be a breakthrough for the education sector. This could also of course be true of other environments such as offices, shopping centres, health establishments, catering or public transport.

dp-BioCote Quartz sheet materials, which are available ex stock from Decorative Panels Lamination, also offer exceptionally high abrasion resistance, far greater than that of high pressure laminate and at a far more attractive price point. Currently available in six decors, three woodgrains and three unicolours with exclusive designs also available subject to quantity, all of which are laminated on our extensive range of substrate materials including Chipboard, MDF, dp-lite hollowcore  and plywood.


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