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Design Preview Event


What will customers learn from visiting the design forum?

They will see the tremendous breadth of surface materials that we have to offer from the fundamental paper products through to unique and high-quality gloss and textured materials.  They will also see the trends in surface materials including the latest materials to the market. We are unique in being able to offer such a diverse range of surface materials, paper, acrylic, PP, PET, PVC, stone and so on, there is so much to see and discuss.

What surfaces are on display?

The latest woodgrain, stone, ceramic & abstract designs as well as unicolours on the printed paper surfaces. For plastic and other films there are metallic films, gloss and matt surfaces in various colours and effects plus a wide range of textured surfaces which are an emerging trend. 

Where have the surfaces come from and how did you select them?

The surfaces come from a whole range of suppliers, existing and new and from all over the world.  I have picked what I think will be of interest and fulfils the trends that we are seeing in our markets.

Material technology has come a long way since dp first started. What have been the advantages?

For the printed paper, the digital technology used in the creation of the artwork and the engraving of the printing cylinders plus the development of the optical lacquer technology, has given us tremendous realism to the surfaces. The surfaces of plastic films have also developed significantly allowing some really impressive effects like matt, painted look, metallic and many other interesting textures.

Where can the surfaces be used?

The surface resistance of paper foils has also increased recently with them now being able to meet FIRA 6250 and BS6222 severe use so they can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms on all but worktops. 

What are the Benefits of paper foils?

With these significant advancements in surface technology resulting in the incredibly realistic print and the registered optical effects adding a genuine tactile as well as the optical element, they just look so good.  Foils, as well being flat laminated to board, can be profile wrapped to provide fully matching parts, giving a perfect solution for framed doors, corner posts, pelmets and any matching moulding requirements.


Have any surfaces been added to stock since the design forum started?

We have added three new Serica designs since the start of this process; Kombu Green, Iron Grey & Coffee Brown, we are looking at a new red colour as well.

Three paper prints are also being added, these are a geometric design called Trigolo in black and white and Greta, which is a graphical herringbone wood design. These prints have created so much interest when viewed by visitors to the event we have decided to put them in the stock range.

All these designs are on trend for 2020 and look brilliant on product.


If you would like to visit Decorative Panels and explore more of these designs, contact them today to arrange your personal presentation.


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