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Best of British


A lot has happened since we introduced you to the first edition of "Surface" three months ago, some is now history, but much more is about how we intend to move the business forward. Challenging the difficulties we all face in the wider economy can only be done with innovation and invention, both of which you will see much of in this edition.

It is important that we recognise the superb day ofour Grand Opening of Lowfields II - our new Decorative Panels Components facility that is now fully operational and reflects our commitment to the Best of British Manufacturing. Opened on the 22nd June with nearly 300 of our friends from the industry in attendance, despite the horrendous weather, we managed to have a full day of events that I hope those of you who did attend found enjoyable and informative. It was a great pleasure to have both our fathers in attendance, Frank and Trevor, as we do owe them much.

We have a wide and diverse range of articles in this issue covering all of the group businesses.   always please feel free to give either of us a call at any time to discuss anything you read or indeed provide any feedback you may have.

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