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March 2017 saw the launch of dp-limitless, a dp-lamination range of specialist surfaces available in quantities as low as one sheet.

dp-limitless provides countless surface finishes bonded with a high strength PUR glue line to the substrate of choice. Surfacing materials include; Laminate Collections, the full range of Senoplast Acrylics including the matt and Acryl Glass designs, Real Stone Veneer, Faux Leather, Natural Wood Veneer Laminate, Technical Surfaces and of course Unique, one off surface finishes providing contemporary and traditional bespoke surface solutions.

The offer is proving to be very successful with great interest generated through Marketing Suite visits, press articles and our presence at The Surface & Materials Show in October.

We are pleased to now announce that dp-limitless will receive a full update in the spring of this year. Over the past few months the design and marketing teams have been busy researching and testing a huge spectrum of surface finishes that really do offer the cutting edge of design, to ensure that the collection remains fresh and relevant.

The latest additions will include…

Rehau Crystal Mirror
A versatile acrylic which gives a perfect mirror reflection but with added benefits. It is lighter than genuine glass and can be processed with conventional woodworking machinery. The surface is very durable, and of course the safety benefits of a shatterproof product are becoming more important in the market.

Alpi Veneers
A range of seven decorative natural wood surfaces including Waxed Oak, Grey Oak, and Tobacco Wenge.

AE Core
AECORE will be an exciting addition to our technical surfaces collection comprising of eight thermoplastic decorative laminates that give vast scope to designers and specifiers alike. Finishes include Concretes, Stone Grey, and stunning Alpine White.

Malone Fabrics
A vast selection of surface decors to add to the faux leather range. These versatile materials convey a feeling of comfort and elegance and are second to none in terms of sustainability and ease of care.

The launch will take place in March, so until then keep your eyes peeled for further information in trade
press and on our Twitter page.

There really is no limit to what we can offer!


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