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a breath of fresh air

a breath of fresh air

The management team at Decorative Panels all have the same philosophy, to keep the planet safe for generations to come.

Production systems for our lamination processes, furniture components and flat pack furniture pieces from the outset incorporate environmental benefits such as recycling wood waste into particle board production or burning in the companies heating systems. Metal and plastic bandings are cut and recycled and even sawdust is used as a filtration medium or for biomass fuel.

Energy efficient lux and movement controlled lighting and dust extraction with intelligent damper controls all contribute to the preservation of energy resources and are installed throughout the business.

These are some of the environmental initiatives that form an integral part of the group's production systems:

  • FSC® License number: FSC C121845
  • PEFC™ Certificate number: BMT - PEFC - 1345
  • Wood waste is burnt to heat factories
  • Additional wood waste is recycled back into particleboard products
  • Sawdust is reused as a filtering medium and biomass fuel
  • Metal banding is cut and passed on for recycling
  • Waste foil materials are baled and recycled
  • Energy is conserved through lux and movement controlled lighting
  • Extraction systems have intelligent dampers and inverter control