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Materials - Surface Finishes

materials - surface finishes

materials - surface finishes

Decorative Panels Lamination have one of the largest and most diverse stock ranges of decor materials and surface finishes available in the UK. Surface finishes range from woodgrain and unicolour paper foil veneers, right through to Senoplast high gloss acrylic materials. With design exclusivity available, it is obvious that Decorative Panels Lamination can satisfy every design demand.

The dp-decor range of paper foil surfaces comprises over 100 designs of woodgrain and solid colour options with many available in ultra high resistance surface finish and some as recoatables.

The dp-specialist range of over 200+ products includes high gloss acrylic Senoplast unicolour designs, a huge selection from LG of high gloss PVC unicolour, woodgrain finishes and fantasy designs, high gloss PP unicolour finishes and PET woodgrains, a range of PET high scratch resistant papers, matt paint effect PVC designs and over 100 Kaindl laminates.

Available now from Decorative Panels Lamination is the Senoplast TopX surface. TopX is simply the best scratch resistant surface available on a high gloss acrylic material - it cannot even be damaged when rubbed with wire wool! Ideal for horizontal surfaces.

Economical versions of Senoplast are available from Decorative Panels Lamination in 0.5mm surface thicknesses giving very nearly the same surface finish as the traditional 0.9mm product.

The dp-specialist ultra gloss woodgrains allows designers and manufacturers the ability to source all high gloss finishes needs from one supplier, offering ex-stock availability in single pack quantities of a design. From horizontal and vertical grain oak, to rich plum and walnut designs, the range encompasses a full spectrum of colour and depth.