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dp-lite is a hollowcore board with unique advantages

dp-lite can be supplied with raw MDF faces for onward process by veneering, painting or pressing with laminate or as a fully finished product, faced with the extensive ranges of decorative options available in the dp-decor and dp-specialist product ranges.

Manufactured with 5mm MDF skins and a range of internal core cell sizes to suit every application, dp-lite can accommodate the use of standard furniture fittings with ease, making it the ideal product for the furniture, shopfitting and exhibition industries. Supplied in a thickness range from 22mm right up to 100mm, the product offers weight savings compared to standard chipboard of some 60% (based on 35mm dp-lite).

Decorative Panels Lamination (DPL) have developed dp-lite after many years of extensive research into the market for light weight board materials and have a product that not only offers the manufacturer the benefits of weight saving but one that is also designed for ease of onward processing in any factory environment. The very nature of its construction means that less wood based raw material is used which offers obvious environmental advantages.

New developments in dp-lite technology mean that DPL are now able to offer plywood faced hollowcore sheet materials, right down to 12mm in thickness. The advantages of this product are most prominent in the leisure and vehicle industry where weight saving is paramount.

dp-lite hollowcore MDF skin:

Thickness range:

22mm to 100mm

Width options:
1020mm / 1220mm

Length range:
2010mm to 2440mm

Skin thickness:

dp-lite hollowcore Plywood skin:

Thickness range:
12mm to 22mm

Width option:

Length option:

Skin thickness:

View the dp-lite brochure here