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(U) - Design available in Ultra
(R) - Design available in Recoatable

Chesil BeechCB03CB03 1220mm not availableCB03 1830mm not availableCB03 2050mm available
Manhattan BeechCB40CB40 1220mm not availableCB40 1830mm not availableCB40 2050mm available
Carly BeechCB30CB30 1220mm not availableCB30 1830mm availableCB30 2050mm available
Amsterdam BeechCB10CB10 1220mm not availableCB10 1830mm not availableCB10 2050mm available
Chesterfield BeechCB42CB42 1220mm not availableCB42 1830mm not availableCB42 2050mm available
Ida ElmCE06CE06 1220mm availableCE06 1830mm not availableCE06 2050mm available
Alpine ElmCE07CE07 1220mm not availableCE07 1830mm not availableCE07 2050mm available
Grey ElmCE04CE04 1220mm not availableCE04 1830mm not availableCE04 2050mm not available
Dark Swiss ElmCE09CE09 1220mm not availableCE09 1830mm not availableCE09 2050mm available
Fruit wood
Pale CherryCC37CC37 1220mm availableCC37 1830mm not availableCC37 2050mm not available
Cherry MorganaCC69CC69 1220mm not availableCC69 1830mm not availableCC69 2050mm not available
Dark CherryCC61CC61 1220mm not availableCC61 1830mm not availableCC61 2050mm not available
Chestnut AlkorCC06CC06 1220mm not availableCC06 1830mm not availableCC06 2050mm not available
Southern CherryCC30CC30 1220mm not availableCC30 1830mm not availableCC30 2050mm available
Samira MapleCM66CM66 1220mm availableCM66 1830mm not availableCM66 2050mm available
Sterling MapleCM65CM65 1220mm not availableCM65 1830mm not availableCM65 2050mm available
Golden MapleCM71CM71 1220mm not availableCM71 1830mm availableCM71 2050mm available
White Hickory OakCO43CO43 1220mm not availableCO43 1830mm not availableCO43 2050mm available
Ivory Oak 3DCO18CO18 1220mm not availableCO18 1830mm not availableCO18 2050mm available
Ferrara OakCO72CO72 1220mm not availableCO72 1830mm not availableCO72 2050mm available
Nash OakCO19CO19 1220mm not availableCO19 1830mm not availableCO19 2050mm available
Napa Oak CO06CO06 1220mm availableCO06 1830mm not availableCO06 2050mm available
Ribble Oak CO29CO29 1220mm not availableCO29 1830mm not availableCO29 2050mm available
Oak KnotCO22CO22 1220mm not availableCO22 1830mm not availableCO22 2050mm available
Riviera OakCO39CO39 1220mm not availableCO39 1830mm not availableCO39 2050mm available
Cefalu OakCO20CO20 1220mm not availableCO20 1830mm not availableCO20 2050mm available
King OakCO17CO17 1220mm availableCO17 1830mm not availableCO17 2050mm available
Tortona OakCO16CO16 1220mm availableCO16 1830mm not availableCO16 2050mm not available
Odessa Oak CO27 (U)CO27 1220mm not availableCO27 1830mm not availableCO27 2050mm available
Bronco OakCO70CO70 1220mm not availableCO70 1830mm not availableCO70 2050mm not available
Windsor Oak AlkorCO04CO04 1220mm not availableCO04 1830mm not availableCO04 2050mm not available
Greco OakCO60CO60 1220mm availableCO60 1830mm not availableCO60 2050mm available
Highland OakCO08 (U)CO08 1220mm not availableCO08 1830mm not availableCO08 2050mm available
Lissa OakCO01CO01 1220mm not availableCO01 1830mm availableCO01 2050mm available
Wesser Oak CO09CO09 1220mm not availableCO09 1830mm availableCO09 2050mm available
Ville OakCO21CO21 1220mm not availableCO21 1830mm not availableCO21 2050mm available
Pippy OakCO13 (U)CO13 1220mm not availableCO13 1830mm not availableCO13 2050mm available
Arizona OakCO36CO36 1220mm not availableCO36 1830mm not availableCO36 2050mm available
Grey Arizona OakCO37CO37 1220mm not availableCO37 1830mm not availableCO37 2050mm available
San Remo White OakCO12CO12 1220mm not availableCO12 1830mm not availableCO12 2050mm available
Cool Grey Hickory OakCO44CO44 1220mm not availableCO44 1830mm not availableCO44 2050mm available
Grey OakCO25CO25 1220mm not availableCO25 1830mm not availableCO25 2050mm available
Machiavelli OakCO23CO23 1220mm not availableCO23 1830mm availableCO23 2050mm not available
Anthracite OakCO26CO26 1220mm not availableCO26 1830mm not availableCO26 2050mm available
Dark Wesser OakCO31CO31 1220mm not availableCO31 1830mm not availableCO31 2050mm available
Graphite Grey Hickory OakCO42CO42 1220mm not availableCO42 1830mm not availableCO42 2050mm available
Black OakCO11CO11 1220mm availableCO11 1830mm availableCO11 2050mm available
Dark Lissa OakCO02CO02 1220mm not availableCO02 1830mm not availableCO02 2050mm available
Kaunas PineCP14CP14 1220mm not availableCP14 1830mm availableCP14 2050mm not available
Farmhouse PineCP04 (U)CP04 1220mm not availableCP04 1830mm not availableCP04 2050mm available
Bobs PineCP07CP07 1220mm not availableCP07 1830mm not availableCP07 2050mm available
Chester PineCP12CP12 1220mm not availableCP12 1830mm not availableCP12 2050mm not available
Finlandia PineCP08CP08 1220mm availableCP08 1830mm not availableCP08 2050mm available
Fairdown PineCP06CP06 1220mm not availableCP06 1830mm not availableCP06 2050mm available
Euro Old PineCP20CP20 1220mm not availableCP20 1830mm not availableCP20 2050mm available
Walnut and Wenge
Turin WalnutCW12 (U)CW12 1220mm availableCW12 1830mm availableCW12 2050mm available
Netherlands WalnutCW21CW21 1220mm not availableCW21 1830mm not availableCW21 2050mm available
Ebony PoreCF43CF43 1220mm not availableCF43 1830mm not availableCF43 2050mm available
Lula WengeCF38 (U)CF38 1220mm availableCF38 1830mm availableCF38 2050mm not available
Albro WalnutCW08CW08 1220mm not availableCW08 1830mm not availableCW08 2050mm not available
Ultra Wenge SambesiCF29 (U)CF29 1220mm availableCF29 1830mm not availableCF29 2050mm available
Tiepolo WalnutCW15CW15 1220mm not availableCW15 1830mm not availableCW15 2050mm available
Ambassador WalnutCW13CW13 1220mm not availableCW13 1830mm not availableCW13 2050mm available
Rumford WalnutCW09CW09 1220mm not availableCW09 1830mm not availableCW09 2050mm available
Maxim WhiteCF27CF27 1220mm not availableCF27 1830mm not availableCF27 2050mm available
White HNCF19CF19 1220mm not availableCF19 1830mm not availableCF19 2050mm available
RedgateCF03CF03 1220mm not availableCF03 1830mm not availableCF03 2050mm available
Watermark BeigeCF07CF07 1220mm not availableCF07 1830mm not availableCF07 2050mm available
Linn SilverCF13CF13 1220mm availableCF13 1830mm not availableCF13 2050mm not available
HessianCF10CF10 1220mm availableCF10 1830mm availableCF10 2050mm available
White PF High GlossCU33CU33 1220mm not availableCU33 1830mm not availableCU33 2050mm available
Recoatable WhiteCU93CU93 1220mm availableCU93 1830mm not availableCU93 2050mm available
Ultimate WhiteCU45CU45 1220mm availableCU45 1830mm not availableCU45 2050mm not available
Soft Touch WhiteCU17CU17 1220mm not availableCU17 1830mm not availableCU17 2050mm available
White BalancerCU88CU88 1220mm not availableCU88 1830mm not availableCU88 2050mm not available
Midd WhiteCU40 (U)CU40 1220mm availableCU40 1830mm availableCU40 2050mm available
ButtermilkCU90CU90 1220mm not availableCU90 1830mm not availableCU90 2050mm available
Opaque WhiteCU44 (U)CU44 1220mm not availableCU44 1830mm availableCU44 2050mm not available
AlabasterCU41CU41 1220mm not availableCU41 1830mm not availableCU41 2050mm available
VanillaCU16 (U)CU16 1220mm not availableCU16 1830mm availableCU16 2050mm available
DakarCU72CU72 1220mm not availableCU72 1830mm not availableCU72 2050mm available
MusselCU87CU87 1220mm not availableCU87 1830mm not availableCU87 2050mm available
Sand BeigeCU71CU71 1220mm not availableCU71 1830mm availableCU71 2050mm available
LilacCU10CU10 1220mm not availableCU10 1830mm not availableCU10 2050mm not available
PuttyCU73CU73 1220mm not availableCU73 1830mm availableCU73 2050mm available
Light GreyCU74CU74 1220mm availableCU74 1830mm not availableCU74 2050mm not available
Duck Egg BlueCU23CU23 1220mm not availableCU23 1830mm not availableCU23 2050mm available
Red UltraCU47 (U)CU47 1220mm not availableCU47 1830mm not availableCU47 2050mm available
Green UltraCU48 (U)CU48 1220mm not availableCU48 1830mm not availableCU48 2050mm available
Pale PinkCU91CU91 1220mm not availableCU91 1830mm not availableCU91 2050mm available
Pink UltraCU50 (U)CU50 1220mm not availableCU50 1830mm not availableCU50 2050mm available
Ruby RedCU20CU20 1220mm not availableCU20 1830mm not availableCU20 2050mm available
Brown BalancerCU14CU14 1220mm availableCU14 1830mm not availableCU14 2050mm available
Nordic BlueCU19CU19 1220mm not availableCU19 1830mm not availableCU19 2050mm available
Moon GreyCU26CU26 1220mm not availableCU26 1830mm not availableCU26 2050mm available
Pale BlueCU92CU92 1220mm not availableCU92 1830mm not availableCU92 2050mm available
RoseCU02CU02 1220mm not availableCU02 1830mm not availableCU02 2050mm not available
Electric BlueCU22CU22 1220mm not availableCU22 1830mm not availableCU22 2050mm available
Petrol BlueCU21CU21 1220mm not availableCU21 1830mm not availableCU21 2050mm available
PralineCU24CU24 1220mm not availableCU24 1830mm not availableCU24 2050mm available
Virginia GreyCU25CU25 1220mm not availableCU25 1830mm not availableCU25 2050mm available
Graphite UltraCU49CU49 1220mm not availableCU49 1830mm not availableCU49 2050mm available
PurpleCU27CU27 1220mm not availableCU27 1830mm not availableCU27 2050mm available
Borton WhiteCU94CU94 1220mm not availableCU94 1830mm not availableCU94 2050mm not available
Hallingford GreyCU15CU15 1220mm not availableCU15 1830mm not availableCU15 2050mm not available
Hayword GreyCU07CU07 1220mm not availableCU07 1830mm not availableCU07 2050mm not available